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The Power of Poetry at Funerals


Have you ever paused for a moment and thought about the power of poetry?

Many people feel that poems have little meaning for them, because they were bored by them at school; yet somehow, at the right moment, just a few simple lines of verse can stop anyone in their tracks.

Because funerals are a time for reflection we need to take time to think freely and Poems can play a significant part in that.

Can poetry be used instead of prayer at a funeral?



Poetry plays an important part in the bereavement process because it is very powerful at making people think and reflect. Therefore those with little or no religious aspect in their lives can find meaning in written words. It helps people reflect and contemplate their loss; it also helps contextualise their own existence.

For those of faith, poetry enhances the comfort and insight gained from prayer.

Either way, poetry  helps people come to terms with their loss, because it is perfect at preparing them for the adjustments that must inevitably come.

I’ve put together a few short videos of poems that are often used in funerals. Also there are some I have written myself. I’ll add more over time.  if there is a poem that resonates with you that you don’t see here,  leave me a message, and perhaps I can certainly consider adding to the collection.

In the meantime, take the time to listen, to reflect and perhaps they will inspire, comfort or simply calm you.

 Scroll down and find a poem you like, click on the image to open up a video performance or simply read.

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Can I share or use this poetry?

The poems I share on my website or social media are original or are regularly used at funerals and are presented to aid those researching poetry for use at their loved one's funeral service.. Wherever known, I do give credit and thanks to the author. If you know the author of any I have marked as ‘unknown’, then let me know, and I will amend the page.

If you chose to share or use the poetry at a funeral or memorial service, please give the author credit.

Many of these poems are original to me; please feel free to share those or use them if they seem right for your service. All I ask is that you give credit to me as the author.