Funeral Poem for a Child – Angel by Christelle Dardagos

Read by Marc Lemezma Funeral Celebrant


Funeral Poem for a Child – Angel by Christelle Dardagos

The most difficult of funerals are those for children. In the last year I lost my own son, although he was 27 he was still our baby and the pain was intense.

Losing a younger child or baby will of course be unimaginably painful.

This beautiful poem succinctly and subtly says so much about such a situation. It could be used for a boy or a girl, or even in the right place for an adult.


Tear drops, slow and steady,

The pain so real and true,

God took another angel,

And that angel, dear, was you.


Angel wings, upon the clouds,

Your body softly sleeps,

Hush now little angel,

No more tears you have to weep.


Little prayers are sent to you,

The short life you led;

Your family will never forget you,

So rest your little head.


I know God will look after you,

Now you are truly alive,

Your spirit soars beyond the moon,

Your legacy will survive.


You’re beautiful, you’re endless,

Now stretch your wings and fly,

You’re loved by so many,

It will never be goodbye.


Close your pretty eyes,

No more tears, just go and rest,

Let your soul lie peacefully,

We know you did your best.


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