Funeral Memorial Poem – If You Had Not Been There To Love Me by Marc Lemezma

Read by Marc Lemezma Funeral Celebrant Maidstone Kent



Love is the the most persistent force on Earth. When we lose our partner, the person we love, everything we have together remains.

This poem is from a lover who has passed to their partner who remains – asking them to hold on to those memories to keep the love alive.

When a tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around, would that tree even exist; would it ever make a sound?

If I’d not been there to see your smile or sense your breathing quicken, would our love have been an empty space; would it never really happen?

If I’d never felt you near me or that tingling when we touch, would our paths had never crossed; would you not miss me just as much?

If recollections were just photographs never taken out and seen, would the universe erase them all; would it wipe my memory clean

If you had not been there to love me and I had never drawn a breath, would you not be here to mourn me; would I have never known my death?

But these things are more than memories; grab hold for they exist, so you’ll know when your world is falling down, our love will still persist.

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