Sarah’s Toasty Blessing – Memorial Poem

Written & Read by Marc Lemezma Funeral Celebrant


Sarah’s Toasty Blessing I recently conducted a Celebration of Life service for a unique lady who was, among many things, a wine expert. I built the service around a vines’ life cycle and the production of wine. We used this specially written blessing rather than a traditional ‘committal’ speech. We, of course, said farewell by toasting her with a perfectly chilled glass of bubbly. Her family have kindly permitted me to share this with you all. Enjoy

Sarah’s Toasty Blessing by Marc Lemezma

May you journey on a path facing southward.

May your vines climb strong toward the Sun.

May all life’s problems drain away through the soil.

May your harvest be second to none.

May you age and be riddled to perfection.

May your bubbles rise strong to the top.

May the cage that holds you soon be loosened.

May your cork fill the room with its pop!

May your glass be full of happiness.

May the company you keep bring you fun.

May your bubbles gush like leaves in the wind.

May they dance like angels on your tongue.

May you drink enough to be merry, yet

May your memories of me remain.

May you find in the fridge one more bottle,

For when we meet here, sometime again

Ciao Bella!


“Sarah’s Toasty Blessing” by Marc Lemezma is a delightful and heartwarming poem that celebrates the joys of life through the metaphor of wine and companionship. Each stanza brims with imagery that evokes warmth, happiness, and a sense of community. Let’s delve into the poem’s rich layers.

First Stanza: A Journey Towards Growth and Harvest

The poem opens with a wish for a journey “on a path facing southward,” symbolizing warmth and favorable conditions. The vines climbing strong towards the Sun suggest resilience and the pursuit of success. Life’s problems are envisioned as draining away through the soil, indicating a natural filtration and purification process. The hope for a harvest “second to none” conveys the ultimate wish for abundance and prosperity.

Second Stanza: Maturation and Celebration

In the second stanza, the poem transitions to the aging process, likened to wine maturing to perfection. “Riddled to perfection” refers to the process of turning bottles during fermentation, ensuring the wine develops well. The strong rise of bubbles symbolizes vitality and celebration, while the anticipation of the cork popping adds a sensory excitement, suggesting a release of joy and festivity.

Third Stanza: Enjoyment and Companionship

The third stanza continues with wishes for a life filled with happiness and enjoyable company. The bubbles “gush like leaves in the wind” and “dance like angels on your tongue,” painting a vivid picture of a lively and delightful experience. The poet’s choice of words emphasizes lightness, movement, and joy, reflecting the pleasures of good wine and great company.

Fourth Stanza: Memories and Future Encounters

The final stanza shifts to a more personal tone, with wishes for merriment balanced by lasting memories of shared moments. The hope to “find in the fridge one more bottle” symbolizes the desire for continued celebrations and future reunions. The closing “Ciao Bella!” adds a touch of affection and farewell, leaving the reader with a warm, lingering sentiment.


Marc Lemezma’s “Sarah’s Toasty Blessing” is a beautifully crafted poem that intertwines the themes of growth, celebration, companionship, and cherished memories. Through the metaphor of wine, the poet invites us to savor the moments of joy in life, cherish our relationships, and look forward to future gatherings. This poem serves as a reminder to embrace the present and celebrate the connections that bring meaning to our lives.

This analysis reveals the depth and warmth of Lemezma’s writing, encouraging readers to appreciate the blessings and joys that come with each toast and every shared moment.







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