Men’s Mental Health Awareness | Remember to Ask – a Poem In Memory of Andy Bishop





This poem feels so important to me, this analysis of it may be useful to help understand the internal struggles men go through when their menatl health suffers, perhaps it will highlight a path.  

“Remember to Ask” by Marc Lemezma is a thought-provoking poem that addresses the crucial issue of men’s mental health. As a Celebrant, Lemezma urges readers to break the silence and check in with friends who may be quietly struggling. This poem is dedicated to Andy Bishop, emphasising the significance of empathy and understanding in tackling mental health challenges.

The poem begins with a poignant call to “remember to ask and listen with care,” highlighting the difficulty of sharing common struggles. Lemezma vividly portrays the internal battles faced by many men, where emotions are deeply buried and often overlooked. He challenges the pride that can prevent men from seeking help, illustrating it as a destructive force that amplifies their burdens.


The Poem


“Remember to ask and listen with care

For the most common of troubles are the hardest to share

They hide deep within us;

They never will showYet these are the feelings we need to let go

But we let foolish pride colour our eyes

And run from our burden til there’s nowhere to hide

We give them a home; yet they eat us away

We think they’re the answer; they’re just there to betray

We cannot imagine or begin to dare

How these are the feelings that every man shares

Yet all that it takes is for someone to ask

And the love of a friend can pierce through the mask

So remember to ask, for the silence may break

And may just be the lifeline they needed to take”




Through vivid imagery, Lemezma illustrates how unresolved emotions can silently consume individuals, despite outward appearances. He stresses that a simple act of asking a friend how they truly feel can break the silence and potentially be a lifeline during their darkest moments.

 By promoting dialogue and raising awareness, Lemezma and supporters of the poem aim to dismantle the stigma surrounding men’s mental health struggles.

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This blog post honours Andy’s  memory and promotes increased awareness and support for men’s mental health. By sharing Lemezma’s powerful words, it aims to inspire meaningful conversations and foster a supportive community where individuals feel empowered to seek help and support. For more information or assistance, visit


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