Meet Me At The Rainbow Bridge – Funeral Memorial Poetry Read by Marc Lemezma

Pets are such an important part of many people’s lives.

When we lose our favourite pet it can seem as painful as losing a member of the family.

And when a person passes on, their pets often feel bemused and confused and genuinely sense the loss of their owner.

This poem of unknown origin is often used to symbolise the love shared and the loss felt by pets and their owners – it talks of a mythical place where they will be reunited in due time.

Meet Me at the Rainbow Bridge

When you feel a little lonely
And all you want is me
Just place a hand upon your heart
And you know that’s where I’ll be
I know how much you’re hurting
Bur remember me and smile
I know we are apart right now
But it’s only for a while
Take comfort that I’m happy
Where the sky is always blue
I’ll be waiting at the rainbow bridge
When Heaven calls for you

Can I share or use this poetry?
The poems I share on my website or social media are original or are regularly used at funerals and are presented to aid those researching poetry for use at their loved one's funeral service..

Wherever known, I do give credit and thanks to the author.

If you know the author of any I have marked as ‘unknown’, then let me know, and I will amend the page.

If you chose to share or use the poetry at a funeral or memorial service, please give the author credit.

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