Last Journey – Funeral Poem by Timothy Coote

Read by Marc Lemezma Funeral Celebrant – Maidstone Kent


We are all familiar with the idea that life is a journey. This poem cleverly uses the analogy of a train ride to symbolise both the idea of death being the final leg of our travels, with the concept that life has a natural order, and that we must accept that some of us will depart sooner than others.

It is a perfect choice for the funeral of railway enthusiasts; I read it just last week at the funeral of a retired railway engineer.

Enjoy, feel free to share and always credit the author!

There is a train at the station With a seat reserved just for me

I’m excited about its destination As I’ve heard it sets you free

The trials and tribulations The pain and stress we breathe

Don’t exist where I am going Only happiness I believe

I hope that you will be there To wish me on my way

It’s not a journey you can join in It’s not your time today

There’ll be many destinations Some are happy, some are sad

Each one a brief reminder Of the great times that we’ve had

Many friends I know are waiting Who took an earlier train

To greet and reassure me That nothing has really changed

We’ll take the time together To catch up on the past

To build a new beginning One that will always last

One day you’ll take your journey On the train just like me

And I promise that I’ll be there At the station and you will see

That life is just a journey Enriched by those you meet

No-one can take that from you It’s always yours to keep

But now as no seat is vacant You will have to muddle through

Make sure you fulfil your ambitions As you know I’ll be watching you

And if there’s an occasion To mention who you knew

Speak kindly of that person As one day it will be you

Now I can’t except this ending And as it’s time for me to leave

Please make haste to the reception To enjoy my drinks, they’re free!







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