Funeral Poem Where Did I Go (I’m In My Element) By Marc Lemezma

Read by Marc Lemezma – Funeral Celebrant


This poem of mine was inspired by observing families trying to rationalise where there loved ones have gone.

Perhaps they are in specific places, or maybe dispersed among the elements.

No matter where they are, we can be sure they are in our hearts.

I hope you enjoy listening to it.


Do you look up and wonder, where did I go
Do I drift with the clouds in the sky
Or should I dance with the birds in wild murmuration
Do their wings form my image as they fly

Did I rush down the head-race and into the stream
Am I caught in cold current flow
Or shall I drift in a pool in warm saturation
Where my essence feeds reeds as they grow

Or can I be felt in the ground that you walk on
Am I where ashes haphazardly lie
Or should I hide in the ground at your chosen location
And enrichen the soil with my life

You know; you saw; those curtains did close
And when I go, that next moment brings sorrow
Or should I see this as my last contribution
To the cycle of life that we follow

But there is no need to search; I float all around you
I lived in your life from my start
Perhaps you could see this as just a migration
I’m in my element, and I live in your heart

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