Funeral Poem – Millennial Memorial by Marc Lemezma Celebrant

Read by Marc Lemezma – Funeral Celebrant


About 20 years ago, I first experienced a somewhat prescient dilemma. Nowadays, this problem is more greatly amplified.

I needed to add an important business contact into the phonebook on my old Nokia mobile phone, but I could not! The SIM card could only hold 20 numbers; mine was full.

I looked to see which I could delete; all were for people I needed to call regularly, except one; my sister.

She had died six months earlier, and although her number was by then disconnected, I could not bring myself to delete her entry. It simply felt wrong, like I was dismissing her memory.

Today, our lives are being managed on phones, tablets and apps, leaving the correct way to reach closure just as unclear to many.

Millennial Memorial by Marc Lemezma

I can click and look at your profile picture
I can read your words online
I can hear your tone in your voicemail greeting
I can replay it a thousand times

I can smile at a childish photo filter
I can laugh at the comments you made
I can like what so many said about you
I can replay every level you played

I can plough through unanswered emails
I can delete whole shelves full of spam
I can cancel direct debits and bank transactions
I can see you once fell for a scam

I can re-read each time you texted I love you
I can scroll past where you made me cry
I can hover my finger over the delete all button
But I’ll pause, so I can keep you alive

Poetry is written to be shared, read and heard.

Poetry is written to be shared, read and heard.

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