Funeral Memorial Poem – Instructions – By Arnold Crompton

Read by Marc Lemezma Funeral Celebrant


Funeral Memorial Poem – Instructions – By Arnold Crompton
This is a moving piece of poetry, it follows an unusual form without much rhyming. 
However, it still paints a picture of the world the departed friend wishes to remain in his place. A world where we all recognise what matters, and what does not. 
A lesson learned and shared beyond the grave.
When I have moved beyond you in the adventure of life,
Gather in some pleasant place and there remember me
With spoken words, old and new.
Let a tear if you will, but let a smile come quickly
For I have loved the laughter of life.
Do not linger too long with your solemnities.
Go eat and talk, and when you can;
Follow a woodland trail, climb a high mountain,
Walk along the wild seashore,
Chew the thoughts of some book
Which challenges your soul.
Use your hands some bright day
To make a thing of beauty
Or to lift someone’s heavy load.
Though you mention not my name,
Though no thought of me crosses your mind,
I shall be with you,
For these have been the realities of my life for me.
And when you face some crisis with anguish.
When you walk alone with courage,
When you choose your path of right,
I shall be very close to you.
I have followed the valleys,
I have climbed the heights of life
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Can I share or use this poetry? 
The poems I share on my website or social media are original or are regularly used at funerals and are presented to aid those researching poetry for use at their loved one's funeral service.. Wherever known, I do give credit and thanks to the author. If you know the author of any I have marked as ‘unknown’, then let me know, and I will amend the page.
If you chose to share or use the poetry at a funeral or memorial service, please give the author credit.
Many of these poems are original to me; please feel free to share those or use them if they seem right for your service. All I ask is that you give credit to the author.


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