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Should you choose a National Company or a Local Funeral Director?

Who will arrange your Funeral, Direct Cremation or Unattended Cremation in Kent?

Although arranging a full funeral, burial, or cremation, be it a direct cremation or attended, is arranged by a funeral director, it is worth thinking about your choices and options.  

If you wish to choose a local funeral director but have found me first, I will be able to make a recommendation for an undertaker to carry out a funeral or direct cremation/unattended cremation for you.

As you begin to make arrangements and plan your funeral or celebration of life service, I will work closely with you and liaise with your funeral director to ensure your loved one receives the right send-off.

Direct Cremation or Unattended Cremation - you do have options

Evolving Funeral Traditions

Grieving together and

Funeral traditions have evolved over history, reflecting diverse cultural beliefs and practices from the Antipodes to here in Kent. From ancient rituals to modern customs, people have consistently shown a profound instinct to care for their deceased loved ones.

These traditions encompass various rites, including funeral ceremonies, burial practices, and rituals for preparing the body, which were often carried out by the family at home.

Here in Kent, we have a good example of ancient funeral traditions in the historic Kits Coty Burial site near Maidstone.

Whether it’s the elaborate mummification of ancient Egypt, the sky burials of Tibet, or contemporary embalming techniques, these practices underscore humanity’s innate need to honour and commemorate the departed and play a part in their departure from life.

It is seen as an important step in the grieving process, essential in bringing closure and allowing the bereaved to begin moving on.

Does Direct Cremation/Unattended Cremation help or hinder this fundamental human process?

Regardless of cultural differences, tending to our dead loved ones serves as a universal expression of respect, love, and the acknowledgement of our shared mortality.


An increase in Direct Cremation in Kent

In recent years, the landscape for funerals in Kent has evolved dramatically.

One notable change affecting funerals in Kent and Funeral Directors is the rise of direct cremation/unattended cremation offered by national companies such as Pure Cremation, often presented as a cost-effective alternative to traditional funeral services.

The marketing suggests one benefit of organising or requesting a direct cremation/unattended cremation before you die can take away the worry and burden of planning a funeral for those left behind.

Arranging a direct cremation or unattended cremation in Kent is certainly a lower-cost option than a full traditional funeral, but there are other considerations and options.

Did you know that you can arrange a direct cremation or an unattended funeral through the local funeral director of your choice?

This can be at a very similar cost to arranging through pure cremation or one of the other national companies.


Choosing the right form of Direct Cremation

The decision between opting for a direct cremation through an online national company versus arranging a service with a local funeral director is not solely about cost; it’s about honouring the memory of a loved one with dignity and care.

Direct cremation services, facilitated by online national companies, are often promoted as a budget-friendly option. While this may be true on the surface, there are significant considerations beyond the price tag. 

When you opt for direct cremation through a national company, your loved one may be transported significant distances before the cremation takes place.

This can lead to uncertainty and anxiety regarding the timing and handling of the process. In contrast, local funeral directors offer a more personal and hands-on approach to funeral arrangements.

They operate within the community, providing support and guidance every step of the way. By choosing a local funeral director, you ensure that your loved one is cared for locally, with dignity and respect.

Moreover, local funeral directors can often match or even undercut the prices offered by national companies, making the financial aspect less of a deciding factor.

Celebrating life with an event to commemorate their life is still an option even after direct or unattended cremation.

Direct Cremation / Unattended Cremation & Celebrating Life

One crucial aspect to consider, regardless of the chosen route, is the option of a celebration of life service.

Celebrations of life offer an opportunity to honour the deceased in a unique and meaningful way, and these may happen instead of a traditional funeral and be held at the crematorium with the coffin present.

Regardless of whether you opt for direct cremation or traditional funeral services, a celebration of life can be tailored to reflect the personality and values of your loved one. Alternatively they can be held more or less any venue – as long as the owner is happy to allow it on their property.

A celebration of life can take place anywhere and anytime – some at the time of death, some many weeks or months after – you could even hold such a service for yourself before you die.

A skilled celebrant like Celebrant Marc can assist in planning and delivering a heartfelt and personalised ceremony that celebrates the life lived.


While direct cremation services from online national companies may appear cheaper on the surface, the true cost goes beyond monetary value.

Opting for a local funeral director ensures that your loved one receives the care and respect they deserve without the uncertainties associated with distant arrangements.

Additionally, considering a celebration of life service orchestrated by a dedicated celebrant offers a meaningful way to honour and remember your loved one, regardless of the chosen funeral arrangements.

When it comes to saying goodbye to a cherished family member or friend, making an informed decision that prioritises dignity, care, and personalisation is paramount – Marc – Your celebrant in Kent is here to guide and advise you. 

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