Funeral Celebrant Services in Kent and the South East

When a loved one passes away a Funeral Celebrant will help you find the right way to commemorate and celebrate their life.

For those looking to celebrate their wedding and or renew their vows, Marc will create a bespoke ceremony that is tailored to your wishes, hopes and dreams. 

Celebration of life events and memorial events in Kent led by Celebrant Marc

Award Winning Celebrant Marc Lemezma

As an experienced funeral celebrant, Marc delivers beautiful and heartfelt eulogies that capture the essence of your loved one’s life. Every life is worth celebrating, and Marc is committed to helping you create a service that celebrates your loved one’s life beautifully.

If you have chosen a direct cremation – unattended cremation there is still an opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one.  Marc can assist in creating a unique and personalised celebration of life event at a time and place that suits you. 

Based in Maidstone, Kent, Marc offers his services to families and individuals across the country. 

With his experience, expertise, and dedication, Marc is here to help you celebrate the life of your loved one beautifully.

Marc is also a talented poet; his readings and poems for funerals have been read at funeral services across the globe. On Marc’s Funeral Poetry page you will find hundreds of examples of classic, traditional and new funeral poems to help make the correct choice for your funeral service.

Working With Your Funeral Celebrant

At a time of loss, planning a funeral or a celebration of life event can be overwhelming and stressful. Marc offers personalised and compassionate services that reflect your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a traditional funeral service or a unique celebration of life, Marc will work with you to create a ceremony that honours the life of your loved one and reflects their spirit and personality.

For those wishing to deliver part of the service themselves, Marc is  there to support, guide and take over if needed.

Celebrant Marc Lemezma is a fully trained member of  the Association of Independent Celebrants.

Celebrant Kent - AOIC and APC Logo

Mum Would Have Been Pleased

"Hi Marc, thank you so much for acting as celebrant for my Mum’s funeral on Monday. Mum would have wanted it to be right, all went well and she would have been pleased."

GH | West Malling

A Lovely Send Off

"Hi Marc, I just wanted to say thank you for today. As sad as it was, you helped make it a nice memory. You are an excellent speaker and really get the story across to your audience. To pass on a few comments: My brother in Spain, said “A beautiful service and the orator was brilliant”, My son in Denmark, said “M had a lovely send-off”, and my cousin emailed to say that it was very interesting hearing about his life. I really felt you captured the essence of Mick and got that across to everyone. Thank you once again for doing my Big Bruv proud!"

AC | Aylesford


"Thank you Marc for the wonderful manner in which you handled my wife’s funeral service. I have received so many compliments from family and friends across the world including Australia. You should feel justifiably proud."

AB | Harrietsham

Meeting With You

I will arrange to meet you, either in-person or on-line/phone
so that we can explore what kind of service is appropriate for your loved one, and meets your wishes.

Confirming Arrangements

I will use the information we discuss to draft a service, which I will email for your approval. I’ll also liaise with your funeral arranger at your chosen funeral director as necessary.

On The Day

I will lead and conduct the funeral service for your loved one. I’ll also be ready to assist family members or friends wishing to speak. Following the service, I will send a printed copy of the ceremony.

Other Services

If you are planning to inter or scatter the ashes of your loved one later, I am available to help by saying a few words to mark the occasion. If you are planning a memorial or celebration of life event, I can assist too. Simply ask.

Other Support

There are many useful websites offering information on bereavement and practical arrangements following a loved one’s passing. Click here to see some I have found useful.

About Funeral Celebrant in Kent Marc Lemezma

Celebrating the life of your loved one is at the heart of my work.

Writing and delivering words that move, inspire, motivate and even entertain whilst bringing comfort has been my life for over 20 years.

In 2000, following a globetrotting career in IT, I began a new life writing, performing, speaking and coaching others. Since then, I have written and published eight books; helped hundreds of people through counselling and therapy; spoken at events worldwide; entertained and motivated tens of thousands.

In 2019 my son Josh was diagnosed with leukaemia, because of this and the Pandemic, life went on hold.

Josh lost his battle in late 2020; I delivered the eulogy at his funeral and was thus inspired to take formal funeral celebrant training.

 Since then I have been acted as funeral celebrant for hundreds of funerals and Celebration of Life services, in all manner of venues from Crematoria to Cemeteries and Homes to Hotels, as well as Pubs, Clubs, Marquees, Forests and even by a Lakeside. 

However you choose to commemorate the life of your loved one, I aim to capture their essence in a personalised tribute.

A tribute that uniquely celebrates and honours their life, one you, your family and friends will remember forever.

It was an honour to speak at Josh’s funeral; now, working as a funeral celebrant in Kent it is a privilege to help other families find the right way to celebrate and commemorate the lives of their loved ones.

Born and bred in Kent, I have lived with my wife in Maidstone for around 40 years.

Josh, late son of funeral celebrant marc lemezma who inspired him to take up funeral celebramcy

My late son Josh, whose passing at just 27 inspired me to become a Funeral Celebrant

Funeral Poetry

One of the key elements of a funeral is the reading of poetry, and I am blessed my poetry is now read by hundreds of people each day, far across the world beyond my influence as a funeral celebrant in Kent.

Poetry holds profound importance in commemorating a life during a funeral, offering solace and helping express complex emotions. Poems become a source of unity, binding those who are grieving to this most poignant of moments. In their brevity, they pay homage to the departed, underscoring their timeless value in times of sorrow.

To assist you in choosing suitable poems for your loved one’s funeral, Marc has recorded a large selection of different types and styles of poems. Many of these are original and have been written by Marc upon the request of families.

Do check the funeral poetry page or visit his YouTube Channel for more.

Choosing a Funeral Celebrant?

Making Arrangements for a Funeral or Celebration of Life

When planning a funeral or celebration of life, one of the most important decisions is “Who will lead the service?”

Will it be a minister, priest or other faith leader from your community; will it be a celebrant who can also include some faith elements, perhaps a family member or friend?

Remember, there is a significant difference between a family member leading the celebration of life service and them simply reading a eulogy or poem. There will always be those critically emotional moments to get through.

If your chosen route is to have a celebrant-led service, it is wise to look online locally for a celebrant you like the look of, one you can trust and above all, someone whom you think your loved one would have liked themselves. Or you can ask your funeral arranger.

Above all remember this is your choice.

If you would like me to act as the Funeral Celebrant for you or your loved one simple  email or telephone on 07904 262138 so that we can discuss arrangements. I will work closely with your Funeral Director “behind the scenes” to create a fitting service that truly celebrates the deceased person’s life.

Alternatively, the Arranger at your Funeral Director or Undertaker can contact me to engage me for your loved one’s funeral. They will collect my fee from you and pay me in due course. If you choose to book me directly, we will agree a fee based on your requirement. This covers meeting with you, writing the service and conducting it on the day. Where I write a personalised tribute I’ll provide a permanent copy you may keep as a memento.

Please contact me to discuss any other services you may require.

Funeral Celebrant in Kent


Planning the Perfect Funeral Tribute

Once the date for your loved one’s funeral has been confirmed and either you or your Funeral Director have requested I act as your Funeral Celebrant, I will contact you to arrange a meeting with you and other family members.

This is usually held face to face at your home, or perhaps at the Funeral Director’s premises; if you are not local it can be held online.

This is an opportunity for me to learn about their character, the key people, and events that made their lives. We can also discuss any wishes for the funeral style and theme; this could include any music choice, readings, poems and if appropriate prayers or hymns. If family members or friends wish to speak, I can advise on appropriate words, can help coach them in speaking and be ready to take over if emotions get the better of them. 

Usually, this meeting will last about an hour and is very informal and relaxed.

Direct Cremation?

If your chosen path is to have a direct cremation or unattended cremation, with no service at the time, I am still available to help. Many families who choose this option elect to have a celebration of life service at a later date. This can be in a social setting, with some elemenst of a funeral and many moments of celebration.  I will work with you to plan and deliver a perfect celebration of life service.  

Funeral celebrant Marc meeting with you to discuss arrangements

Bereavement Support

When we lose someone, there is a natural cycle of grief which we tend to follow. It is something we experience in our own unique way. Occasionally some of us may need a little help to see a path through.

You can find lots of help with bereavement and grief online. Often, simply talking to a friend helps the healing process. The NHS has lots of resources, talking to your GP or Nurse is a good start. The most important thing is to ask!

If your loved one was cared for by a hospice, they will have support. If they suffered from a particular disease, you might find a specific charity related to that illness who can help.

Here are some other resources you might find useful.

What to do when Someone Dies

The UK Government has a very useful page guiding you through what to do when someone in your family dies.

Bereavement Advice Centre
Over and above dealing with the shock of bereavement, there are many practical matters to deal with.  Everything from notifying friends and relatives, to dealing with probate and financial arrangements. The BAC website has lots of very useful information and guidance to help you through a difficult time.
Anthony Nolan Bereavement Insight
The advice on this website has a special resonance for me. In 2020 I lost my son Josh to leukaemia, he was just 27. Understanding why his transplant was not successful was a key part of dealing with my grief. Over and above the support they offer, Anthony Nolan are an amazing charity, well worth your attention.

After the Funeral?

Your celebrant has another role to play.

A few days after a cremation service has taken place, you will be able to collect the remains or ashes of your loved one from the Funeral Director.

You then have many choices; you can keep them with you at home, or perhaps you would like to scatter them at a special place or inter them in a vault or the garden of remembrance.

Many families wish to have a small ceremony to mark the scattering or interment of ashes. I can assist by helping create a short service and attending to say a few words to help make the event a positive special memory and to create more of a sense of occasion.

If I had the privilege of conducting your loved one’s funeral service, I am happy to reduce the cost where appropriate. 

If you’d like a longer memorial piece (or I was not at their funeral), I will create a small service to make that important day feel more memorable and unique.

I’ll also include a memento copy of the service in a keepsake folder.
Ask for more details
Interment of ashes ceremony

Contact Marc

Please do get in touch to discuss planning a funeral service, a celebration of life service, or memorial service, or if you have any questions concerning a funeral I am working on for you or your family. I usually aim to respond within half a day during normal working hours.  To email Marc please use the form below or message directly at


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